Peter the Penguin
Peter the Penguin
Peter the Penguin
Peter the Penguin

Peter the Penguin

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About Peter the Penguin

Cold feet, warm hard and a floppy walk that will make you crack up every time.

Peter is the perfect antarctic friend for any penguin love. He never complains about the weather being too cold.

Details about this craft

A great medium difficult craft that takes me about 3-4 hours to build. Very straightforward, with mostly large, easy to handle pieces. A safe bet for almost all skill levels, and it looks cute especially for kids’ rooms.

A Challenge That Rewards

Immerse yourself in a fun experience you'll love. Papercrafts may be tricky, but in a good way. In a way that says "Look what I made!"
You'll elevate the look your room. Your results will impress you and all your guests.

Crafts for all ages and skill levels. Ideal for:

Family Bonding

Loved by kids and grandkids! A healthy break from iPad screens.

Relieve Stress

Occupy time and challenge your mind in an fun way.

what to expect?

Every order comes packed with value:

FREE Practice Kit

A simple polygon, helps you get the jist of it if you are new.

Ready To Build

Pre cut paper with clear lines and instructions. For hassle free building.


your craft won't fall apart. Made from thick 250gsm paper.